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Buy sunglasses notice early know this summer

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Watched in the summer is coming, in the summer, the sun glasses driving phenomenon is increased a lot, how to accurately pick sunglasses has become a difficult problem, owners when choosing sunglasses, dark brown, gray polarizer is better, it is useful to block ultraviolet ray, can reflex the light filter again. So buy sunglasses also pay attention to what issues? Good dark brown, gray shading effect 'summer wear sunglasses when driving, unfavorable choose pink, purple, shallow blue wait for decorate beautiful sunglasses and obviously these basic color glasses not eyes protection, in addition, also may occur due to change the color off color. 'Drive should wear dark brown and gray glasses. Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, can be useful to improve the visual contrast and clarity; And gray lenses can balanced absorption of arbitrary chromatography, wear is not going to happen after clear off color. Some consumers will purchase the color is very dark sunglasses, this is not the right thing to do. 'If colour is too deep, the line of sight of people relatively dark, enlarge the pupil will follow eyes, to penetrate to the ultraviolet eyes will absorb more, it will cause more damage to eyes. If so for a long time, very may cause diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration into light. 'It is known that sunglasses have BianSeJing, dyeing mirror, polarizer 3 kinds. For the owner of the sun glasses, is the polarizer. Polarizer with polarization properties, it can not only useful to block a lot of ultraviolet ray, also can filter out redundant reflected light. The sunglasses on the market should be no prescription, but not eliminate the poor quality of some glasses have astigmatism, low degree, prism, and so on and so forth. If want to distinguish whether have degrees, to the lens to aim at the level of vertical and creation, such as door, window frame, move up and down, distort objects, can judge the quality of this pair of glasses is not pass. Ultraviolet radiation coefficient UV400 fit norms 'good quality sunglasses can keep out ultraviolet ray, still can prevent strong light and reflected light, the eyes have a maintenance effect; And inferior lens transparency is poor, cannot be useful to block ultraviolet ray, see things will be especially hard, formation damage to the lens, and other eye diseases. 'Informal street stalls, sun glasses, no quality guarantee the booth in purchasing the sun glasses is the store had to normal. It is understood that the quality of sunglasses has a great influence on the effect of imaging, imaging is not clear and not true, there are may cause traffic accidents. General specification qualified sunglasses uv protection factor for UV400. There are a lot of poor quality on the market of glasses, these glasses pervious to light quality, shading effect is far from achieving a specification, uv protection factor in 340 - basically 350. And even lower. Many owners are like the sun glasses behind the windshield, the sun glasses by high temperature after exposure, rim will serious deformation, distortion, some of the poor quality of the lens, after high temperature damage the membrane layer, will lose the function of the shade directly. Better is to be wrapped, a cool, dark place. At present, many owners will go to the choose and buy sunglasses eyes myopia. In addition to the selection of processing is custom prescription sunglasses, choose color piece is a new way in recent years. Color piece inside, that is, the general optical glasses, and went to the outdoor, color can be filtered ultraviolet can there be any function of the lens, used as sunglasses.
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