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BVLGARI( Bulgari) The latest DIVA glasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Bulgari ( BVLGARI) Brand was founded in 1884, 100 years of development, it created many famous top class gem, with its excellent quality, novel modelling to become a world-renowned brand of quality. Bulgari attainments on the glasses, also cannot leave the jewelry ornament. BVLGARI2013DIVA glasses series continues the consistent style of luxury and the application of color design, the ornament of precious metals and gems and perfect, make a chic style. What is unique about the glasses series, break through the boundaries between accessories and jewelry, precious metals and the sparkle of the stones and fine acetate material, not only reveals the bulgari lively diverse creativity, more women moving charm show incisively and vividly. Below small make up to introduce the BVLGARI2013DIVA glasses series of different pattern. First adopted the lavender purple acetate material, remarkable cat shape frame, the former box decorated with gold and shining diamond. Glasses box before used the nifty geometrical element, is associated with the charming eyelash long, as it did in the 1960 s in the name of the people have. This a very feminine design contains jewelry division superb skills: first acetate to elaborate the forming and the manual cutting, forging, while platinum part independently after fixed on the frame. Then, will be carefully selected different shapes on the different sizes of diamond is clever to Mosaic, create a fascinating combination of brilliant. Lavender purple lens and graceful perfect color transparent acetate fiber echo, sending out attractive female glamour. Another glasses is truly reflect the masterpiece of bold creativity, perfect underscores the BVLGARI bulgari consistent style. It brings colorful carnival ball, 60 s style of large frame sunglasses are designed became persona, supported by a side mirror legs, repeat the wind of the 18th century Venice celebration of luxury. The persona often decorated with expensive decoration, exquisite technology, a real art. Mask is often used to conceal the identity of the attendees in the celebration, people can in the mysterious atmosphere of a courtship dance. This unique piece is decorated with roses of platinum and emerald in design, ornament at the top with a colorful feathers.
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