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BVLGARI new SERPENTEYES glasses series promotion project

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
BVLGARI recently launched new SERPENTEYES glasses series propaganda and planning, to 21, supermodel Bella Hadid starred, by fashion photographer Theo Wenner palm mirror, in the beautiful view of Rome, in different personality SERPENTEYES sunglasses. Bella wearing in the photo on different glasses, presents three distinct fashion sense, from the pure and fresh flavor of girl, to charm, so that it is hard to resist the temptation, movements are full of supermodel charm. In addition to advertising, Theo Wenner is directed by three out of three different emotional interpretation of the film, Bella, face the camera movements, and smile, a eyes show a supermodel charm. Brand new glasses series, details into the brand logo has a snake element, in addition to the avant-garde hexagonal box design, snake scale design by frame extends to more mirror above, avant-garde fashion again. Recommended reading: what about armani sunglasses
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