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Bvlgari's pity your glasses in the world

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Bvlgari an inspiration from the Astrale series BV2090KG glasses, cast by 18 k gold, lenses and mirrors arm linked together with diamond-studded gold rings, 44 grain of dazzling beauty mirror arm drill, weigh 0. 37 carat, this glasses that cost up to $78000. Another LindbergPRECSPIDIA70 with platinum materials, precious metals series glasses with patent design instead of the screws and rivets technology makes the glasses is lighter, more comfortable to wear. Design aspects, irregular small loop mirror arm repeatedly clasped achievement is good and the beauty of the symmetrical design, three twinkling diamond drill TopWesseltonVVS beauty, with top clarity and colour is famous in the world, each weighing up to 0. 02 carat, and brilliant - The cut carved and become, the glasses price is $49900.
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