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By, colonel stars such as deductive and GM glasses early autumn fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Autumn atmosphere more and more obvious, the stars also summer wear off gradually, began to deduce their early autumn fashion, this is not, by, li-kun wang, colonel, and took a group of stars are blockbusters, fashion sunglasses covered face in the photo are GM, style! By early autumn outfit according to latest exposure. In this photo, jourdan GM sunglasses, neutral handsome, elegant, capable in style restoring ancient ways, brimming with vigour. Neutral handsome is dressed up, the rack Gentle Monster Kong Type 2 x series of sunglasses, how to play the yuppie fashion. 温柔的怪物, 香港x 2型02 ( E) Gentle Monster Kong Type 2 x series presents a lens new shape, different from other lens, the lens under the process of careful to every corner. Li-kun wang a set leisure street photo exposure, 'without makeup goddess' in printed shirt in the photo denim shorts and a pair of long legs is mirror. Back on the bamboo li-kun wang smile, sweet high beam horsetail is agile and relaxed, rack Gentle Monster - The FUTURE IS PAST 3 series sunglasses, full of mature woman flavour. 温柔的怪物, FUTURE IS PAST 3 03 bear as a new generation of kung fu, to assist strong and strong body, reveal hale manner, when put on the Gentle Monster JUMPING JACK series sunglasses, confide gives instant yuppie fashion. 温柔的怪物, 跳爆竹02 ( Y) Jumping Jack series based on the profile of the Boeing lenses bring more the color of rich move feeling. Jinchen multiple sets of large exposure, fashion girl has tried, light ripe female even neutral style of her heroic spirit, the interpretation on hand is cast sufficient between HFM For feminine taste, also, again on a pair of Gentle Monster For its ehrs series of sunglasses, slightly in the mature have a reservation. 温柔的怪物, 为她P1 ( E) For its ehrs is one of the lightest of all metals frame sunglasses. For its first impression can be a bit shy, but the lens slightly outward extension with careful design, created a unique style.
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