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Caitang: individuality sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Summer is coming, at ordinary times to go out without wearing a cool color piece sunglasses how line? Ordinary dress up again with a colorful piece of reflective sunglasses absolute enough. 雷- Ray - Ban folding sunglasses series Ban folding sunglasses series brand glasses Ray - American legend Ban's Wayfarer style from birth that moment is destined to become a generation of classic, over the years has become the object of brands rushed to imitate, but never been beyond, only Ray - Can Ban on original outline, which gives its orthodox modern soul. Based on the design essentials of portable, in addition to using the new series of glasses to cater to the seasonal atmosphere profusion is colorful, stylist still at the bridge of the nose into the think of opportunely, let users can be folded, let the glide more easily. SUPER 2013 summer sunglasses series 'the Cove' SUPER 2013 summer sunglasses series 'the Cove' Italian sunglasses brand SUPER star product is always wonderful choice of celebrities, and in the new series of 'the Cove' design team to surf for ideas, he thought, and have chosen a few famous surfer including Ryan Lovelace, Brandon DiPierri and Simon Murdoch MiaoSi for creation, with ten all-new creation sun glasses. Design team on the Flat Top, People and the American outline on the collocation of the colorful Carl Zeiss lenses, build a profusion of summer dynamic atmosphere. 雷- Ban lenses ray-ban sunglasses RB3447 men sunglasses 002/4 j black/dazzle colour green Ray - since 1937 Ban for the U. S. air force pilot after the classic 'the Aviator' design, Ray - Ban is famous for its excellent quality, over the years, Ray - Ban influenced generations of people, and won the hearts of movie and TV stars and fashion trends. Almost everyone is Ray - Ban new color sunglasses and crazy, with Ray - Ban legend, whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, the city will become colorful!
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