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Calvin Klein Jeans new sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Takeaway: a brand new Calvin Klein Jeans series using a variety of glasses lenses create glaring mercury in bright colors and modern style, and to compose with unique brand logo, the brand of the fascinating dynamic image show incisively and vividly. CKJ762S。 To restore ancient ways with fashionable color matching design for the theme, style adopts super-large circular cat-eye frames, more creative picture frame at the top of the metal brand logo in the left eye, outstanding charming style. Series with black, tortoiseshell, warm tortoiseshell and amber tortoiseshell. CKJ751S。 Design with the pilot frames bold coloring and part of the frame more choose mirror lens add replica is feeling, make whole design fashionable and with the ponder. Eyebrow plank glasses decorated with metal bridge details continued ascension administrative levels sense, while its leg compose with engraved with metal laser ornaments 'CKJ' logo. When the light irradiation in different angles, ornaments will be glowing with different colors, so in style. Series with black, grind arenaceous transparent black, khaki tortoiseshell and beige. CK
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