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Calvin Klein Jeans series new glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Calvin Klein Jeans new man and neutral glasses series, design innovation and bold, such as sexy, stylish elements into the modern life taste; Its unique details with stylish black copper series is more suitable for the character and charm of the young gens, revealed a colorful story for this season. CKJ134S metal pilot glasses compose with new versions of the Calvin Klein Jeans marks ornaments, plus full of pondering unique spell color effect, unique personality; And this beautiful and charming style, more is the focus of the new advertising plan of black copper series. Series with the smoke gray, green, golden yellow and orange. CKJ134SCKJ139S pilot style full of style restoring ancient ways is Calvin Klein Jeans accessories in the focus of the new black copper series. Bright metal frame combined with its leg on both sides of the cover to one of the best high-end leather, as the glasses into the industrial design taste, unique personality. Series with a satin black and polishing copper color. CKJ464SAF this style fashion elements, the classic picture frame contour with a variety of tonal mirror lenses, make different capable person perfect integration, full of pondering, adds more about personality. Series with black, dumb face black and deep tortoiseshell.
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