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Can 100-degree myopia be restored? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
Although frame glasses can be a good way to modify the face and wear beautiful and fashionable, as a tool for correcting vision, frame glasses are simpler and safer. In real life, no matter how many degrees of myopia, people still hope to return to normal vision. For friends with mild myopia and 100 degrees myopia, is there any hope to restore normal vision? Let’s take a look at how 100 degrees myopia can be restored. First, if it is pseudo-myopia, the chance of recovery is relatively large. If it is pseudo-myopia, it is relatively large to return to normal vision. Pseudo-myopia has a partial adjustment effect when looking at the distance. If the pupils are dilated and refraction, there will be no corresponding refractive changes. If they can be properly rested and treated, pay attention to eye hygiene and use the eyes rationally. There is hope to restore normal vision. People with pseudomyopia can usually do more observations. This method is very simple and is very helpful for alleviating eye fatigue. Especially during the summer vacation, many people like to surf the Internet, play games, and watch TV at home, and controlling the time of eye use has an important impact on vision. Generally, you will have to rest after using your eyes for a little time. You can do eye exercises. Going for a walk, looking at the distance, drinking some chrysanthemum tea, wolfberry tea, can help eyesight reduce fatigue. In addition, participating in some activities, such as running in the morning, playing table tennis, flying kites, etc., not only exercises and strengthens the body, but also exercises the eyeballs, which can relax the eyes, increase the blood circulation of the eyes, and strengthen the adjustment ability of the eye muscles. , Relieve eye fatigue, are helpful for vision recovery. Second, if it is true myopia, it is more difficult to recover. If it is true myopia, it is more difficult to recover. In the case of true myopia, myopia can be caused by mydriasis refraction and paralysis of the ciliary muscles. In true myopia, there are organic changes and cannot be restored naturally. It can also be said that if it is 100 degrees true myopia, it is difficult to restore normal vision naturally. Regardless of true myopia or pseudomyopia, good eye use habits are very important. For people with 100 degrees of mild myopia, even if they wear glasses or undergo myopia correction surgery, they must be reasonable. Use your eyes, otherwise, excessive use of your eyes will also cause myopia to deepen.
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