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Can amblyopia be equipped with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
Glasses for amblyopia mainly depends on the condition of amblyopia patients. Generally speaking, if the amblyopia patients are younger, the treatment effect is better. The treatment of amblyopia with glasses is a very common method in the treatment of amblyopia, and different amblyopia patients have different methods of matching glasses. First, adults with amblyopia, the effect of wearing glasses is not ideal. Generally speaking, if adults are weak, the effect of glasses to improve vision is not ideal, but for some children, glasses are effective in the treatment of amblyopia and can improve vision. However, if it is amblyopia caused by eye trauma before the age of 3, or amblyopia caused by congenital corneal opacity, etc., glasses are not very effective. Second, esotropia amblyopia can be fitted with glasses. If it is esotropia amblyopia, glasses can be fitted. Sufficient correction needs to be given when the first glasses are fitted, and dilated optometry is required every six months after glasses. For some accommodative esotropia or non-accommodative esotropia, the re-fitted glasses need to reduce the degree of hyperopia appropriately. Third, the specific situation, according to the degree of amblyopia to analyze the refractive error of amblyopia patients, the need to correct refractive error, in optometry, the eye degree needs to obtain the best vision prevail, after glasses need 3-6 Monthly re-examination, and then according to the changes in the diopter to appropriately replace the lens. If it is amblyopia with astigmatism, there is no increase or decrease in the principle of glasses, and glasses need to be matched according to the actual results. However, if there is a high degree of hyperopic astigmatism or myopic astigmatism, it can be increased or decreased as appropriate. After glasses are fitted, optometry is required every six months or a year, and the glasses are replaced according to the actual situation of the individual. If it is amblyopia without any strabismus, the glasses need to be based on the optometry results, mainly to correct the best vision, according to the refractive status, age, etc., give glasses, in the glasses try-on, choose the best vision. Lenses do.
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