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Can amblyopia be treated with surgery?

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
Amblyopia is low vision in one or both eyes, and even the use of corrective lenses does not improve vision very well. Amblyopia is generally found early and the treatment effect is good, and if the age is young, the treatment effect will be better. For vision correction, there is now laser treatment for myopia, so can amblyopia be operated? Let's take a look at it together. Generally speaking, the corrected vision of amblyopia wearing glasses is not up to the standard vision, and the general corrected vision is still less than 0.9. Generally speaking, amblyopia cannot be treated with surgery. Because many amblyopia patients are caused by genetic factors, some are long-term bad living habits, such as some hyperopia patients also have amblyopia, some are also related to environmental factors, and of course there are other factors. At present, the treatment of amblyopia is mainly amblyopia training and glasses correction. There are five main types of amblyopia. Mainly includes (1) strabismus amblyopia, that is, diplopia caused by strabismus, amblyopia caused by early treatment, may improve vision, but there are also some people, the possibility of vision improvement is not very high good. (2) anisometropic amblyopia, the difference between the visual acuity of the two eyes is more than 300 degrees, which is also easy to cause amblyopia. If the refractive error is corrected early, amblyopia can be prevented. And this kind of amblyopia is possible to recover after treatment. (3) In infants and young children, if the visual function development is suppressed, amblyopia will also occur. If early detection and treatment, the occurrence of amblyopia can be avoided. (4) If it is a high degree of refractive error, whether it is one eye or both eyes, if you do not wear glasses, you are also prone to amblyopia. This kind of amblyopia can be treated with glasses. (5) If it is congenital, it is more difficult to treat. There are many treatment methods for amblyopia, and the principle of its treatment is to eliminate inhibition, train macular fixation and fusion function, so as to improve visual acuity. At present, the more commonly used methods mainly include wearing corrective glasses, occlusion therapy, pulsed red light therapy, light brush therapy, visual physiology-based therapy (CAM), optical and drug suppression therapy, low-power helium-neon laser therapy, afterimage therapy, and prism therapy. , fine vision training, use of synoptic training.
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