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Can call the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
In this era of more and more attention to user experience, fresh, fun things can always seize person eyeball, sunglass is no exception. With the integration of science and technology, the concept of sunglasses not stay only eye 'rays' tool. Today, glasses sunglasses factory network to introduce a new apparel product - — Intelligent bluetooth glasses. Intelligence is a bluetooth headset with bluetooth glasses sunglasses clever integration of new products. Acquired K1 is a bluetooth headset and outdoor wind glasses integration products, design for removable lens, the official standard is also come with a lens used for different number of outdoor scenes, and touch panel control is also very smooth, suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, travel, skiing, in addition to listening to music, also can undertake voice navigation, answering the telephone, and other functions. The right side of the glasses with a brand logo, link below headphones, ear hang has dedicated headphone slot in the top three buttons, respectively is a key to open and the volume button, can real bluetooth connectivity, volume control function K1 use method is very simple, general bluetooth headset with no difference, as long as open the signal on the headphones, cell phone use to search can be normal use of the
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