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Can children polarize sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
During holidays and outdoors, many parents will bring their children to play outdoors or on vacation; I believe many parents will wear sunglasses for themselves to protect their eyes, then you will buy for your children And wear polarized sunglasses? You may have questions, is it suitable for children to wear polarized sunglasses? First, what is polarized sunglasses? In life, too many light sources will produce harmful light, especially sunlight; and what we call polarized light refers to linear polarized light, also known as plane polarized light. The vibration of this light wave is fixed along a specific direction, the propagation path in space is sinusoidal, and the projection on the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction is a straight line. Second, for children’s outdoor sports, you need to go to a professional organization with professional glasses to protect children’s eyes. The vision of growing children is the stage of slowly returning from natural hyperopia to normal vision. If you don’t take good care of your children’s eyes Vision, then it is very likely to cause myopia. Therefore, children who are growing up must protect their eyes in outdoor activities. Parents only need to go to a professional optician institution for professional opticianism, which can protect their children's eyes to a certain extent. 3. OULE polarized children's sunglasses. Many brands have launched children's polarized glasses in the field of children's polarized glasses. The children's polarized sunglasses launched by the OULE brand have been liked by many parents. Cute and childlike appearance design, using super tough, non-marking two-color rubber material, light and soft, not easy to break, protect children's eyes while also protecting children's safety; the lens adopts polarized anti-UV lens, which can prevent 100% of ultraviolet rays. Avoid ultraviolet radiation on the eyes; exquisite patterns and a variety of colors can give children different favorite choices; create a healthy and gone childhood for children.
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