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Can children's myopia be cured?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
Due to problems such as living environment and eye use habits, children now have myopia at a very young age. Therefore, the treatment of myopia in children is a topic of most concern to the family, society and the country. Can children’s myopia be cured? Today, the editor of OJO glasses life will take you to find out. There are two methods for the treatment of myopia in children. There are two methods for the treatment of myopia. One is wearing an orthokeratology lens and the other is excimer laser surgery. For the orthokeratology lens, the lens has a gentle eyeball design, is easy to wear, safe, and comfortable, and has high oxygen permeability, strong light transmittance, and good physiological compatibility. It can avoid the cornea’s difficulty in absorbing air and reduce it. The possibility of eye disease. But in terms of the visual effects worn, it is far inferior to frame glasses. Compared with frame glasses, the field of vision is not clear enough, and the development of vision restoration and vision control is not obvious. Furthermore, direct contact with the cornea may cause adverse reactions such as dry itchy eyes, dry eyes, and eye pain. For excimer laser surgery, although the principle is the same as that of wearing frame glasses, it improves vision by controlling the focal length. However, excimer laser surgery directly cuts the cornea, which will cause corneal damage and thinning to a certain extent, which is not suitable for the treatment of children's myopia. Because the cornea of u200bu200bchildren's eyes is thin, if it is cut again, it may cause a variety of eye diseases, such as glaucoma and retinitis. So far, no method is the most direct and effective treatment for myopia. But myopia can improve vision and prevent vision loss by wearing a certain degree of myopia glasses. In addition to wearing glasses for myopia, we should pay attention to scientific eye use and eye hygiene in daily life to prevent eye fatigue and eye infections.
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