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Can children wear sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
In summer, many friends will wear sunglasses when they go out, which can reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the eyes, especially friends who drive may also buy polarized glasses directly, so that driving will be safer. And many mothers also want to wear sunglasses for their children. After all, adults can't stand some light, and babies can't stand it either. But will it have any effect on children wearing sunglasses? One, do kids really need sunglasses? Because the child's eyes are not completely French, the eyeball adjustment ability is not very strong. Under certain light, the child needs more optic nerve adjustment ability to see things clearly. If the light changes very greatly, especially in the environment with strong ultraviolet rays, the child's eyes will be affected. Therefore, it is recommended that children should still wear special sunglasses for children, which can reduce the pressure on the eyes and prevent children from direct exposure to strong light. Second, will sunglasses affect children's vision? When most parents choose sunglasses for their children, they are particularly worried about affecting their children's eyesight. After all, there are too many children with myopia now, and parents must still hope to protect their children's eyesight. There are too many styles of glasses on the market now, either the sunglasses are small or the children wear them. It is necessary to determine the specific light transmittance ratio, prism degree, etc. You must choose special sunglasses for children, and you must ensure flat glasses. have any effect on the child's vision. 3. How old can children wear sunglasses? Because the child is still in the process of adaptation and development, the strength level of a six-year-old child is generally close to that of an adult, so wearing sunglasses will not be a big problem. However, if the child is relatively young, it is recommended that parents not only choose a suitable children's sunglasses, but also wear a more suitable sun hat, etc., so that the child has a full range of protection, and the effect will be better.
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