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Can children with hyperopia be cured? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
Children's hyperopia also need to be specific to the specific circumstances of the individual, and some children are physiological hyperopia, which can be changed with growth and development. Hyperopia is not a very special eye disease. It is generally related to the eyeballs. In the treatment of hyperopia in children, early detection and early treatment are better. So, can children's hyperopia be cured? Let's take a look at it together. For preschool children, the eyeballs are still in the developmental stage, 200 degrees of mild hyperopia is normal, but if the hyperopia exceeds 300 degrees, it is abnormal and needs to be corrected. Presbyopia needs to be corrected with glasses, mainly when some children have reduced vision or accompanied by strabismus, they need to be corrected. Moreover, patients with high presbyopia need corrective treatment with glasses. In the optics treatment, the degree does not have to be sufficient, but 50-100 degrees can be reserved appropriately. For children with a high degree of hyperopia, that is, those with a degree of hyperopia greater than 300 degrees, there can be staged glasses in the glasses. You can first wear hyperopic glasses with a lower power than the optometry. When you adapt, follow the optometry As a result, all hyperopia ratios will be given to the prescription with a second pair of glasses. For some children with strabismus, a sufficient amount of farsightedness is required on the glasses. If the eye position does not improve after wearing the glasses, and the vision also appears to decline, you can appropriately add a shallower power at the beginning, and after getting used to it, add a sufficient amount of power. It should be noted that after wearing glasses, you must insist on wearing them and check your eyesight frequently.
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