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Can eye drops be used with contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-01
Contact lenses are made of special materials, so if we really want to wear contact lenses, we must pay special attention to daily care work, and we must use special care solutions to ensure good nursing effect. In fact, there are many contact lens eye drops, artificial tears are very suitable for our daily carry. But if there is no eye drops, is it okay to use eye drops? Eye drops cannot be used arbitrarily. The eye drops we use every day all contain certain pharmaceutical ingredients, especially some eye drops that can be sterilized and disinfected. In fact, they are used to treat some eye diseases. Because contact lenses themselves have different types of materials, once they are combined with eye drops, it may lead to deterioration of contact lenses, which will also affect the use of our contact lenses. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use eye drops casually, otherwise there will be big problems. Choose special eye drops If you use eye drops when wearing contact lenses, try to use some special eye drops. General eye drops cannot be used directly with contact lenses at the same time, but there are some special eye drops, especially artificial tears, which only play a certain lubricating effect. In fact, they can be used directly with contact lenses at the same time. There are also many special eye drops, which can be used directly with contact lenses at the same time. If you feel some foreign body sensation or discomfort, then eye drops can be used. If you really feel that your eyes are not comfortable enough, you need to take off the contact lenses directly, and then wait 10 minutes before using the contact lenses. And don't put on contact lenses immediately after dropping the eye drops, otherwise there may be some problems. Therefore, it is recommended that you should carry your own framed glasses with you, so that if you are uncomfortable, you will not be unable to see clearly.
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