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Can eye drops relieve eye fatigue? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
Asthenopia has become the common feeling of many white-collar workers, especially those who work intensely in front of the computer. It is very easy for the eyes to be strained for a long time. In addition, some young students like to surf the Internet, play games, etc., and their eyes are also easily fatigued. The eye drops to relieve eye fatigue are indeed used more frequently in life. So, can eye drops relieve visual fatigue? Let's take a look at it together. For people who work for a long time, if there is no eye disease, eye fatigue is mostly caused by excessive eye use. Generally, you can use health-care eye drops that moisturize the eyeballs, or artificial tears to relieve dry eyes. The symptoms of eye fatigue are relieved. However, it should be noted that any eye drops cannot be used for long-term dependence, and proper rest is more important. Many people who wear contact lenses will have dry eyes and eye fatigue. On the one hand, the contact lens they wear has absorbed the water in the tear fluid, and a large part of the reason is that the eyes are infected. If the eyes are infected, the eyes are caused. If you are tired, you need to choose some anti-inflammatory eye drops. Don't choose antibiotic eye drops casually. If you are treated symptomatically, it will be better to relieve the symptoms of your eyes. Many eye drops have the effect of relieving eye fatigue, but you need to understand the symptoms and contraindications to use it. For example, some eye drops also have the effect of dilating pupils to relieve eye fatigue, and some eye changes cannot be used with dilated syrups. Therefore, it is important to understand the performance of eye drops.
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