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Can glaucoma be cured? Can glaucoma be inherited? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-27
Glaucoma is currently a more harmful eye disease. It not only causes a variety of eye diseases, but also reduces the clarity of the eye, resulting in decreased vision, etc. Severe glaucoma may cause blindness. Glaucoma can be roughly divided into four types: congenital, primary, secondary, and mixed. The clinical manifestations of different types of glaucoma are also roughly different. 1. Glaucoma can be cured. The answer to the question 'Can glaucoma be cured?' should be yes. Most people should know that if congenital glaucoma is ruled out, most glaucoma is caused by some eye diseases. If the cause is found in time and treated with the correct care, it can be cured under normal circumstances. Second, glaucoma caused by myopia or hyperopia, you can wear glasses such as glaucoma caused by myopia or hyperopia, belonging to secondary glaucoma, before there is no pathological changes in the fundus, go to the eye hospital or professional optician in time for optometry and glasses. Wear comfortable glasses to prevent, control and correct vision. Coupled with eating more vitamin B foods or other nutrient hormones to relieve intraocular pressure, glaucoma will also be cured. Third, whether glaucoma is inherited The answer to the question of whether glaucoma is inherited is also yes. Glaucoma is the same as myopia. Some people will pass it on to the next generation, but not all glaucoma will pass it on. If your parents were glaucoma patients before giving birth to you, and they were also severe glaucoma patients, then you may have glaucoma. Scientists have learned that glaucoma is an eye disease that affects the optic nerve and may cause blindness at any time. Therefore, whether it is serious or not serious glaucoma patients, they must be treated and prevented in time, pay more attention to eye hygiene, and eat more foods containing vitamin B or protein, which will greatly help the recovery of glaucoma.
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