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Can Haichang contact lens care solution be used by pregnant women? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-24
We should be more cautious during pregnancy, even daily skin care is very important, so we must pay special attention to the choice of daily supplies. It is recommended that female friends try not to use contact lenses during pregnancy. After all, pregnancy itself is not very comfortable. If there is some increase in intracranial pressure, in fact, wearing contact lenses may not feel very comfortable. And if it is during pregnancy, will there be any impact on the use of Haichang contact lens care solution? 1. Regular brand contact lenses. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much about the impact of contact lens care solutions on us, and the products themselves have been tested in many ways, so we don’t have to worry about their quality. All of our contact lens care solutions have passed various tests, and all have formal testing certification, so the ingredients are harmless to the body, and there will definitely be no problems with daily use. Second, pay attention to the use time. Because we may rarely wear contact lenses for a long time during pregnancy, we should also pay attention to the use time of our contact lens care solution. Generally, you should buy a small bottle of care solution, which can also ensure a good use effect. , Don’t worry about expiration. It is recommended to reduce the wearing of contact lenses during pregnancy to prevent discomfort. Especially when you are late in the pregnancy, you will feel more uncomfortable. You must still not wear contact lenses for a long time. 3. Maintaining cleanliness. If the eyes are uncomfortable, then medication is definitely needed, but after all, we are in pregnancy, so it is impossible to take medication casually, so we must pay special attention to the cleanliness of daily wear and avoid The appearance of certain eye diseases is still very critical. It is recommended that you use a special care solution when you wear contact lenses every day. Big brand contact lenses like Haichang are more secure, but you should also change the contact lens care solution frequently to avoid disease.
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