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Can hard contact lens care solution be soaked softly? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-22
The hardness of contact lenses is actually a relative concept. Many people may hear the word 'hardness' and think that the hardness of hard contact lenses is uncomfortable. But in fact, if you really wear hard contact lenses, you should know that their comfort is stronger than that of soft contact lenses. Although it takes a while to adapt, it can indeed guarantee a good comfort effect. It is also recommended that you choose suitable contact lenses according to your actual needs, but many people want to know if we often soak hard contact lenses, can we soften them? First, the hardness of different materials is different. The reason why rigid contact lenses are relatively hard is that their materials are mainly plastics with high purity, so plastics must be harder than silicone hydrogels. After all, many high-end contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, which is definitely different from rigid contact lenses. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear glasses according to your actual needs, rather than just considering the hardness. Hard contact lenses can actually be launched, and everyone must be able to wear them if they meet the requirements. Second, the special care solution is guaranteed because the care solution for heterosexual contact lenses and soft contact lenses are completely different, so we must pay special attention to the actual situation of hard contact lenses. It is recommended to choose a special care solution. It is recommended that you choose a regular care solution directly through the Internet, so that the nursing effect is better. Do not mix the care solution. However, soaking cannot ensure that the lenses become as soft as soft contact lenses, but it can also ensure the comfort of wearing. In fact, the care of hard contact lenses is still very important. If you really want to wear suitable hard contact lenses, you must pay special attention to the basic treatment. And everyone has to use a special care solution to ensure the state of hard contact lenses. There are many special care solutions for hard contact lenses. As long as it can be effectively cared for, it can still guarantee the care effect.
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