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Can high myopia give birth smoothly? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
As a pregnant mother, the pressure is great, and many things are taboos in order to better take care of the baby. Many pregnant mothers with myopia are not only worried about the inheritance of myopia in pregnant women, but also worry about whether the childbirth can be delivered smoothly. In fact, for many pregnant mothers, whether the childbirth is smooth or not has little to do with myopia. Let’s understand below. Can myopia be delivered smoothly? 1. High myopia can be delivered normally. In general myopia, if all aspects of the body are good, it can be delivered normally. For high myopia, many rumors say that it is not suitable for normal delivery. In fact, this is not absolute. Some high myopias have normal fundus and good physical conditions. They can be delivered smoothly, but don’t overuse them during normal delivery. Abdominal pressure will do. Second, if there is fundus disease, you need a cesarean section. Some high myopia requires a cesarean section. This requires a fundus examination in the prenatal period to see if there is any fundus disease. If there is, a cesarean section is required. This is because of high myopia. In the case of fundus disease, there is a risk of retinal detachment if you use more force during the production process. Pregnant women with high myopia and fundus disease are better to choose caesarean section, which is related to the vitreous and retinal degeneration of high myopia. The vitreous is liquefied and proliferation strands are formed. When the pregnant woman exerts a lot of force, this kind of vibration will cause retinal detachment. Therefore, not all myopia pregnant women are required to have a cesarean section. 3. Whether the childbirth can be delivered smoothly, it is necessary to determine whether a myopic pregnant mother can be delivered smoothly according to the specific situation. It cannot be generalized, and specific examination conditions are required. Not all are not allowed to be delivered smoothly, but only those with high myopia. The conditions of production are a bit more unfavorable than those with normal vision, so don't think that you can't give birth smoothly if you are nearsighted. Some people who have undergone myopia correction surgery should pay attention during delivery and do not use excessive abdominal pressure to avoid rupture of the wound.
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