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Can hyperopia be corrected with glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
Farsightedness is caused by the fact that after the light is refracted by the refractive system, a clear image cannot be formed on the retina, but falls behind the retina. Therefore, seeing things is not clear. For the vision correction of hyperopia, glasses can be used for correction. Therefore, it is feasible to use glasses for hyperopia that many people care about, but it is different from other ordinary glasses. Let's find out together. If a child is hyperopia, there is a physiological possibility. If the child grows and develops, the child's vision can reach that of an adult. This age group is not suitable for surgery. If the child's hyperopia is mild hyperopia, and it does not cause other visual impairment, visual fatigue and other conditions, and the physical condition is also good, no correction is required, but if not, glasses can be used to correct hyperopia eye. If farsightedness is serious, seeing far and near will become a problem, affecting vision, and many teenagers often rub their eyes because they cannot see clearly, which makes it easy for bacteria on the hands to enter the eyes and cause eye infections, so farsightedness Eyeglasses are necessary in cases where vision is affected. However, it is particularly important to note that children with hyperopia need to undergo optometry after paralysis of the ciliary muscle, and glasses should be fitted according to the degree of hyperopia. For those very young children, dilated optometry is also required. If the anisometropia exceeds a certain level, it also needs to be corrected to avoid amblyopia. Moreover, it is necessary to check the child's vision in a timely manner, and when the degree drops, the lenses should be replaced in time. In general, corrective lenses should be slightly lower than the actual measured power. If the degree of hyperopia is not reduced, and the vision of teenagers is declining, if you are equipped with glasses for correcting vision, the degree needs to be lower than the degree of dilated optometry, so as to ensure the adjustment ability of the eyes and leave room for the transformation into emmetropia. For adults, it is not a complete correction, but a gradual correction.
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