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Can I not wear glasses for myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
For myopia patients, if they do not wear moderate glasses for correction for a long time, it will increase the degree of myopia, and later may cause fundus disease, leading to the formation of high myopia, and even blindness. Therefore, it is not good for myopia to not wear glasses. Wearing moderate glasses can not only control the development of vision, but also reduce the degree of myopia and correct vision. Myopia can be divided into pseudo-myopia and true myopia. For pseudo-myopia, it is not necessary to wear glasses to correct it. You only need to pay more attention to some eye habits, or it can be treated with drugs such as mydriasis. And true myopia needs to be corrected by wearing glasses, otherwise it will lead to deeper and deeper myopia. Many teenagers choose to wear contact lenses because they feel that wearing frame glasses will affect their image. It can effectively relieve eye fatigue, maintain good vision correction, and can also control the aggravation of myopia. However, the corneal contact lens is in direct contact with the cornea. If it is unsafe to wear and does not pay attention to hygiene, it may cause a variety of eye diseases and cause undesirable phenomena such as corneal ulcers. In real life, we often encounter some myopia patients who do not like to wear glasses for some reason, which can cause high myopia. However, patients with high myopia who do not wear glasses will cause a sharp decline in vision and may cause blindness in the eyes. At the same time, myopia patients who don't wear moderate glasses often will cause visual function not to be exercised and degenerate. Later, they may develop refractive errors such as amblyopia and strabismus.
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