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Can I still use contact lenses after a month? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
The shorter the life cycle of contact lenses, the more hygienic they are and the higher the comfort level. In fact, many people prefer some daily disposable contact lenses. From the sales volume, we can see that everyone has a better understanding of high-quality contact lenses. Daily disposables are also a good choice. But if we use monthly contact lenses, if they have expired, can they still be used? How long can monthly disposable contact lenses be used? In most cases, the use cycle of contact lenses is clearly stated on the packaging. Although it is said to be monthly, it is generally not recommended that you wear it for 1 month. In fact, it should be about 25 days. Replaced. And even if you don’t wear contact lenses, you can’t postpone the time. We need to see when the contact lenses are opened. After opening, we must determine the expiration date of the contact lenses and try not to expire. Why can't I wear it after the expiration date? There will be a clear introduction to the life cycle of contact lenses in, but if you really have used contact lenses for a long time, especially if they have been determined to expire, then they must not be used. Of course, it is indeed only expired for one or two days, and there may not be any feeling after wearing it, but if it has expired for three or four days, even if there is no feeling of wearing it, in fact, the surface bacteria on the contact lens has already been more, so it must be Still have to replace it. Because after we wear contact lenses every day, there will be a lot of bacteria and protein deposits on the surface, so we must pay special attention to the basic use time, even if you really use the care solution to clean every day, the same Some deposits on the surface cannot be removed directly. Therefore, it is recommended that if you use monthly contact lenses, try to use them at the beginning of the month, so that you can directly replace them at the end of the month.
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