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Can I still wear the contact lenses if the prescription is too small? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
If you wear cosmetic lenses often, you should know that when choosing contact lenses, you don't need to choose according to the degree of the frame lens. Generally, you need to reduce the degree of about 25-50 degrees, and the degree of reduction of high myopia should be higher. Many people now buy cosmetic contact lenses through the Internet. It is also very good to buy them through the Internet, and they can indeed guarantee a very cost-effective price. But if the degree of the cosmetic contact lenses we purchased is too small, can we continue to wear them? Normally reducing the degree will not have any effect. We can directly look at the table of the corresponding degree of the contact lens, so that we can know how to confirm the degree of our frame lens. Generally, a certain degree of power must be reduced. Because the lens is directly attached to the eyeball, the distance between the eye and the lens will also be reduced to a certain extent, so the power must also be lowered. If you only lower the degree normally, it will not affect the wearing. There must be an adaptation period for wearing cosmetic contact lenses. Because many people wear cosmetic contact lenses for the first time, they may not adapt to it. Even if you change the appropriate degree according to the corresponding degree table, there are still some discomforts that are normal, but generally speaking, the problem of wearing for two or three hours can be alleviated. And there needs to be a gradual process, such as wearing it for 2 hours on the first day and 4 hours on the second day. This can also be guaranteed and will gradually adapt to the effect of wearing. A greater reduction in power will have an impact. Many people may themselves have high myopia. For example, the power of our glasses is 600 degrees, and the power of normal US contact lenses should be reduced by 50 degrees. But if you reduce it by 100 degrees, you will definitely not be able to see clearly after wearing it. If you have dizziness and nausea immediately after wearing the cosmetic contact lenses, and you cannot adapt to it for a long time, and you cannot guarantee that you can see clearly, then you should not continue to wear it, otherwise your vision will also be affected.
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