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Can I wear contact lenses at 1000 degrees? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
High myopia is really increasing, and even many people have reached 1000 degrees of myopia. Even if we choose ultra-thin lenses, the lens thickness of the frame lens is still very high, and the comfort is not very high. , So many people with high myopia still want to buy some more suitable contact lenses. In this way, the beauty is guaranteed, and it can also guarantee good comfort. But after all, the degree is already high, is it okay to wear contact lenses? The degree can meet the requirements. Because the degree has reached 1000 degrees, you must pay special attention to the choice of contact lens degree. There will be a comparison table of different contact lens degrees. If we are just myopia, then we can directly subtract 100-150 degrees of the frame power, and then we can choose the contact lens that suits us. In fact, there are many contact lens brands that are highly myopic contact lenses, the wearing effect is better, and it can also guarantee the effect of vision correction. You must choose regular brand contact lenses. Maybe ordinary contact lenses can reach 700 degrees. It is already very high, but the degree of contact lenses of each brand is different, and some contact lenses do not provide highly myopic contact lenses, so we are sure Still have to consider which brand of contact lenses meets the needs. You can also search directly in and choose a suitable contact lens, so that the wearing effect will be better, and it can also meet our requirements. Pay attention to the cycle of contact lenses. If you have high myopia, try to choose some short-term contact lenses, even if you don't want to choose daily dispensation, then bi-weekly dispensation or monthly dispensation is a good choice, which can ensure a good wearing effect. It is recommended that everyone choose some short-period contact lenses as much as possible, so as to ensure a better wearing effect and avoid some eye diseases. If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, you can try them on first to avoid discomfort.
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