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Can I wear contact lenses when I am pregnant?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-29
Wearing contact lenses is a very common thing. It can not only correct eyesight but also make your eyes look more beautiful, so many women who love beauty will choose to wear contact lenses; but can they continue to wear contact lenses after pregnancy? OJO Glasses life recommends that pregnant mothers do not wear contact lenses during pregnancy. Wearing contact lenses during pregnancy will have an impact on the mother. 1. After pregnancy, the tear secretion of pregnant mothers will be greatly reduced. If contact lenses are worn, the moisture in the contact lenses will not be replenished, which may cause dry eyes, etc. Ophthalmic diseases, more serious, may cause corneal abrasions, corneal hypoxia, etc. If you wear contact lenses at this time, it will definitely be more painful than usual. 2. During pregnancy, the refractive power of most pregnant mothers will change. The contact lenses that used to be suitable for you are not always the right time for you. At this time, if you wear the contact lenses you bought before, it will change the shape of the pregnant mother’s eyeballs and affect her vision. , Resulting in blurred vision. Wearing contact lenses during pregnancy will also affect the baby. 1. During pregnancy, in order to provide a good growth environment for the fetus, the mother itself will undergo some changes. At this time, if you wear contact lenses, some of the physical functions of the pregnant mother may be affected. The change is then invisible to the fetus, causing the normal development of the fetus. 2. After the contact lens is removed, it must be soaked in the contact lens care solution. The contact lens care solution contains pharmaceutical ingredients. These small amounts of drugs will not have any negative effects on adults, but they will have a great impact on the fetus. ; Therefore, the general nursing solution instructions will indicate that pregnant mothers should not use it. How do myopia pregnant mothers spend their pregnancy? 1. It is best not to wear contact lenses. If you need to wear contact lenses in special circumstances, you can choose to dispose of contact lenses daily, so as to avoid the influence of the medicine in nursing to the normal growth of the fetus. 2. Do not use surgery to correct vision. Antibiotics and hormone drugs are used during myopia surgery; although the content of these ingredients is not large, they may be passed on to the fetus and affect fetal development. Secondly, the body's immunity will decrease during pregnancy, and surgery can easily cause wound infections of pregnant mothers. Therefore, for myopic pregnant mothers, if they want to spend their pregnancy safely and healthy without affecting their normal life, it is best to choose frame glasses.
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