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Can I wear contact lenses with eye drops?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
Because contact lenses are worn directly on the cornea, some people will feel dry eyes if they are worn for a long time, and what everyone thinks is that if you put on eye drops, your eyes will not feel so dry. But many people don't know if they can get eye drops with contact lenses. Let's take a look at whether you can wear eye drops with contact lenses. Some eye drops are made for dry contact lenses, so they can be used. Those contact lens eye drops are specially made for friends who wear contact lenses, and can relieve the discomfort of the eyes caused by dry contact lenses. Can relieve eye fatigue and clear vision. However, any eye drops should not be used frequently to avoid dependence. Because contact lenses are worn directly in the eyes, some non-contact lens professional eye drops cannot be used casually. Some colored eye drops, when dripped into the eyes, the lens is likely to be stained by these eye drops, which will affect the use of the lens. If it is some bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial eye drops, its fine particles will settle on the surface of the lens, the sharpness of the lens will naturally decrease, and the lens will become less transparent. Moreover, contact lenses are an organic compound, and some of the components in these eye drops may have a chemical reaction on the contact lens lenses. In severe cases, it will cause certain damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. Except for professional contact lens eye drops, some general eye drops cannot be used as eye drops. And when using eye drops, remove the contact lens, otherwise, the ingredients in the eye drops will be deposited in the lens and cause damage to the eyes. If you often feel dry when wearing contact lenses, you can use it with a pair of frame glasses.
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