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Can I wear someone else's glasses with the same degree? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
Although we all think differently about our nearsightedness, when we wear glasses, we may have the same degree as our friends. Especially those who are short-sighted also know that the degree of glasses is increased by 25 degrees each time, so many people may have the same degree of glasses. If this is the case, can we temporarily wear other people's glasses, as long as the degrees are the same? First, the diopter may be different, and the number of depths may be added. The most important point of glasses is the diopter, which must be highly accurate. Even if the diopter of each person is the same, the diopter will still have a certain difference. Doctors will prescribe glasses according to the results of optometry, so each person's glasses are specific. If we use glasses with a different diopter than ours, we need to adjust the eyes constantly, and wearing them for a long time will definitely lead to decreased vision, which is not worth the loss. Second, the interpupillary distance is different and uncomfortable to wear. Everyone's interpupillary distance is different. We also need to measure the interpupillary distance when we match glasses online, and the glasses frames may be different. There may be some differences in the glasses. If we borrow someone else's glasses, and they have a different interpupillary distance than ours, you'll feel very sad every time you wear them. Simply put, after going shopping, you still cannot form a clear image on the retina, and you still need to adjust it yourself. This will affect our vision, and long-term wearing will also feel nausea and vomiting, and even memory loss. Third, the frame may be deformed. Everyone's face is different, so pay special attention to its size and specifications when choosing a frame. And if you wear it for a long time, if the spectacle frame is deformed, it will actually have a certain impact on the eyes. It is recommended that you do not wear other people's glasses at will. On the one hand, it will have a great impact on your eyes, and on the other hand, it will cause other people's glasses to deform, which is not good enough for each other.
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