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Can I wear sunglasses for myopia?

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
Due to pathological changes in the fundus of myopia patients, only by wearing moderate glasses can they clearly see distant objects. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, wearing glasses is not only limited to correcting vision, but also to mourn fashion trends. Most myopia patients want to wear sunglasses like normal people. In order to meet the needs of myopia patients, experts have specially developed myopia sunglasses to meet the needs of myopia patients who want to wear sunglasses. So, can I wear sunglasses for myopia? What kind of sunglasses should I wear for myopia? Let's take a look at the editor. Sunglasses for myopia can be worn. Under normal circumstances, there are several types of myopia sunglasses, such as: dyed myopia sunglasses: in fact, the myopia glasses are painted with colors, so that the lenses can effectively absorb, reflect or block the glare, making the myopia eyes While correcting the vision effectively, the patient also protects the health of the eyes and vision in all aspects. External clip-on myopia sunglasses: On the ordinary myopia frame glasses, a pair of sunglasses clip is attached. For example, the clip of sunglasses can be turned up when indoors without affecting the clarity of vision. Flip down, can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays. One-piece myopia sunglasses: Compared with the above type of myopia sunglasses, this type of myopia sunglasses is directly made of the sunglasses clip and the myopia lens, which is more convenient than the above one, especially when switching the sunglasses clip. Moreover, it is more convenient to carry, and the nature is basically the same. Color-changing myopia sunglasses: Compared with other types of myopia sunglasses, color-changing myopia sunglasses are more expensive because they add silver halide to the myopia lens during production, so that the lens can be changed from no light when it encounters harmful strong light such as ultraviolet and infrared. The color becomes colored, thereby satisfying the needs of myopia patients who want to wear sunglasses. Compared with normal people, myopia patients can also wear sunglasses, but the sunglasses they wear are specially developed, which is different from ordinary sunglasses. To put it simply, the sunglasses worn by myopia, also known as myopic sunglasses, have the functions of correcting vision, clear vision, and wide field of vision. Because the lenses are colored, they can effectively filter out harmful Glare, such as ultraviolet, infrared, blue light, etc., allows you to have a clear, comfortable and safe field of vision.
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