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Can laser surgery be done for myopia to correct vision? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
The problem of myopia is really a headache, and many people are more entangled in the problem of wearing glasses. Although such a platform can also help us with glasses, if you really want to wear no eyes, more people may choose contact lenses. But no matter how to wear glasses, it is definitely not as good as not being short-sighted, so many people will want to use laser surgery to correct, but is such surgery effective? At present, it is an effective surgery. If you only consider correcting myopia, at this stage, in addition to wearing eyes, only laser surgery may be able to achieve the effect you want. And there is no other surgery that can replace it, so most people still hope to have laser surgery. Not everyone is suitable. Before laser surgery, you need to have a comprehensive examination. Not all myopias are suitable, and some people have certain problems with the eye structure itself, or the doctor considers that it will cause complications. , may not be able to do such an operation. There must be an examination process to determine whether surgery can be performed. It is true that half of the myopic population cannot have surgery. There may be a rebound situation because laser surgery only thins your cornea, but it is impossible to completely solve the problem of your eye axis lengthening, so if you can't take care of your eyes, there will also be a rebound situation. . Many people who have undergone laser surgery once cannot do it twice, so when they are shortsighted again, they still have to get glasses. After all, it is more important to see clearly. The results of the earlier batch of operations are not known. Indeed, such operations have existed for at least ten years, but you must know that the first batch of people who underwent operations may only be in their 40s now, and there may be more subsequent operations. Presbyopia and other problems, so whether it is possible to get older and other problems is still unknown. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should be cautious. If it is not necessary, try not to perform surgery first, as there will be risks in surgery.
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