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Can monthly cast invisible be worn to sleep? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
With the gradual improvement of the processing technology of contact lenses, the current silicone hydrogel series of contact lenses also ensure very good comfort, so many people wear contact lenses for a long time. And there are many big brands of contact lenses, the wearing comfort is guaranteed, and it is indeed very worthwhile for us to choose. Moreover, the monthly disposable contact lenses are more comfortable and cost-effective, so can such contact lenses be worn for a long time, especially when sleeping? It is easy to increase the probability of eye infection. Normally, the contact lenses we wear should be taken off every day, and try not to wear them for more than 8 hours a day, otherwise the eyes will be uncomfortable. And if the monthly disposable contact lenses are really comfortable, they can't be worn while sleeping. Experts also concluded that if you wear contact lenses to sleep, the chance of eye infection may be several times higher, so the treatment of eye diseases after infection is not so easy. Affecting the oxygen supply and blood circulation of the eyes It is recommended that you take off the contact lenses at night, because the cornea itself needs oxygen. When wearing contact lenses, the normal breathing and oxygen supply of the cornea has been affected, which will also Affect eye health. And tears have a circulatory effect at night, and if the contact lenses are not removed, it will definitely lead to the deposition of more protein on the contact lenses, so it will lead to an increase in the prevalence of eye diseases. Wear according to the type of contact lens It is true that common types of contact lenses are worn during the day and need to be removed at night. However, there are also some hard contact lenses that are worn at night. Such contact lenses can be worn at night for direct eye correction. However, it is recommended that you still wear your contact lenses according to your own type of contact lenses. Rigid contact lenses can only be fitted through the hospital, so we have to think carefully before using the appropriate contact lenses.
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