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Can monthly disposable contact lenses be worn after a few months? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
The life cycle of contact lenses is different. If you want to be able to ensure that you are comfortable wearing contact lenses, short-term contact lenses are definitely better. However, many people may think that they don't wear them for a long time every month, and they can also choose monthly contact lenses. The price/performance ratio of monthly disposable contact lenses in China is still good. But if we haven't worn it a few times, can we continue to wear it after a month? 1. How long can I wear monthly contact lenses? The life cycle of a contact lens is actually a monthly disposable contact lens calculated after you open it. It can be worn for one month, but for the health of the eyes, it is better to replace it after wearing it for 20-25 days. Therefore, it is recommended that you still pay attention to the date you opened the seal, not to say that you have worn it several times. If it exceeds the 30-day opening date, you can no longer wear it. Even if you feel that there is no major problem, it may also cause The problem arises. 2. Can expired contact lenses still be worn? Expired contact lenses will have a lot of protein precipitation, you will find that its comfort gradually declines, and the oxygen permeability will become worse and worse. The monthly disposable contact lens itself can be worn for about 30 days. If it has been opened for more than 30 days, a lot of bacteria or protein deposits will appear. In fact, if you wear it again, it will have a serious impact on your eyeballs. Therefore, it is not recommended that you choose contact lenses that have expired. 3. How to deal with contact lenses that have not been worn several times? If the expiration date has already occurred, it is recommended to throw away the monthly contact lenses. If you really wear contact lenses for only a few days a month, it is recommended that you directly choose daily disposable contact lenses, so that you can replace new contact lenses every time without worrying about expiration. And now there are many discounts, so directly choosing daily disposable contact lenses can also save you a lot of money.
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