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Can mydriasis cure myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
Mydriasis is consistent with the adjustment of the ciliary muscle, so that the ciliary muscle is fully relaxed, but some people think, if the ciliary muscle is relaxed, can it play a role in the treatment of myopia? The ciliary muscle needs to rely on It is not advisable to treat myopia by relaxing with drugs. Its natural contraction and relaxation can effectively inhibit the deepening of myopia. Let's take a look at whether dilation can cure myopia. The main purpose of mydriasis is to distinguish between true and false myopia, and to obtain the true diopter in optometry. After mydriasis, the ciliary muscle is in a state of paralysis, which can partially adjust pseudo-myopia to obtain the correct diopter. Many people understand that dilation paralyzes the ciliary muscle and relaxes the ciliary muscle. The reason for myopia is that the ciliary muscle is in a state of tension for a long time, so that the ciliary muscle can be relaxed and rested, which can be treated. Myopia, this perception is wrong. Mydriasis cannot treat myopia, and it is only an item in optometry to check the refractive state of the eye. It just inhibits the ability of the ciliary muscle to accommodate. Some pseudomyopia can be relieved, not treated. Moreover, mydriasis has no effect on true myopia, that is, non-accommodative myopia (axial myopia, curvature myopia and refractive index myopia). Mydriatic treatment has no effect on true myopia, but for pseudomyopia, it can relieve the spasm of the ciliary muscle, relax the ciliary muscle, and slow down the deepening of myopia to some extent, but this degree should be moderate. , There will be side effects if the pupil is dilated frequently. Mydriasis is mainly used for optometry and glasses in medicine, which is convenient for obtaining the correct diopter. After mydriasis, the ciliary muscle is completely relaxed, the pupil is dilated, photophobia, blurred vision and other symptoms appear. It is said that it will affect their lives to a certain extent, but this is because of the need for glasses. If it is used in the treatment of myopia, it is not advisable. Scientific use of the eyes, proper relaxation, and eye exercises are very effective in relieving eye fatigue.
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