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Can myopia be cured? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-05
With the gradual increase of myopia patients, people have undergone a large number of myopia treatment tests, but so far, there is still no particularly effective treatment method without any side effects. So for, can myopia be cured? Scientists are still working hard to explore the problem. Today, I will introduce to you several methods that are currently used to treat myopia. 1. Wearing myopia frame glasses means placing a concave lens of appropriate power on the frame glasses, so that the parallel light beams diffuse into the eye through the lens, so the focus will move backward and fall on the retina. Obtain clear vision. This method is relatively effective, safer, and widely used for the treatment of myopia. It can not only effectively correct the refractive errors of myopia, but also further improve vision or control the development of vision. 2. Wearing an orthokeratology lens Orthokeratology lens is a kind of hard contact lens. Its center is relatively flat and flat, which can increase the radius of curvature of the cornea, thereby reducing the refractive power of the eye and improving the naked vision. It can restore low-grade myopia to its original state, because it is also loved by many myopia patients. However, it is only suitable for wearing at night, and the effect is only temporary. There may also be some more serious complications, such as corneal ulcers and cornea. Scars etc. 3. Through surgical treatment When it comes to surgical treatment, everyone should immediately think of excimer laser myopia surgery. The treatment principle of this method is the same as wearing myopia glasses, which is to improve vision by controlling the focal length. However, surgical treatment has certain risks. Just like excimer laser myopia surgery, it mainly cuts the cornea and breaks the molecular chain of the cornea, so the recovery effect is good. However, it has caused damage to the cornea to a certain extent, so although its therapeutic effect is relatively reliable compared with other treatment methods, it is not recommended, especially for teenagers and underage children. Excimer laser myopia surgery is not allowed. . Can myopia be cured? Myopia is a serious eye disease. There is no real effective treatment method. It can only be treated and improved by controlling the development of vision or preventing vision loss. Therefore, for myopia patients, it is better to wear moderately framed glasses, not only will not affect the health of the eyes, but the effect of correcting vision is safer and more effective.
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