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Can myopia laser surgery be performed to correct vision for under 18 years old? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
In myopia correction surgery, only laser surgery is a relatively stable technology. After all, it has existed for more than ten years, and many hospitals have very stable technology. However, it is still not recommended for minors to perform surgery directly. On the one hand, there are risks in such surgery. On the other hand, minors are still in the stage of growth and development. If the surgery is performed directly, there may be more risks. Minors are still developing. Everyone should know that there may be 60 to 70% of minors who are shortsighted. Now such a situation is out of control, so more children need to be equipped with appropriate glasses. And now there are some packages for minors, which can also allow parents to get more favorable prices. However, the eyes of minors are still in the process of developing. If surgery is performed directly, the more likely problem is that myopia will continue to increase, and it may no longer be guaranteed that there will be no problems with the surgery. So as long as you go to a regular hospital, generally under the age of 18, unless you really have serious eye diseases, doctors do not recommend surgery, and you should be cautious. What to do if minors are short-sighted Since they already know that they are short-sighted, the best way is to wear glasses, and pay attention to daily eye hygiene. In fact, most children under the age of 18 are still going to school. Even if they have vision correction surgery, they need to cultivate for about a year without fatigue and eye use. It is believed that most students are impossible to maintain, which will lead to many complications. production. Therefore, it is still necessary to go to the hospital for optometry, and then directly pass the glasses, which is better for the child. There are many children who love beauty and may choose to wear contact lenses directly, or want to have surgery. Parents must take appropriate control. After all, minors cannot predict the consequences, so they must be cautious. Direct laser surgery is not recommended before the age of 18 unless necessary.
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