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Can myopia recover? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Many people have this feeling. When their eyesight is good, they don't pay attention to their eyes, resulting in nearsightedness. When they are nearsighted, they are thinking about how to restore their vision. Then, not all myopia can recover. . For many nearsighted people, glasses correction is a better method. First, pseudo-myopia can be recovered. Generally speaking, pseudo-myopia can be recovered. Pseudo-myopia is generally caused by eye fatigue, prolonged eye use, poor lighting and other factors that cause the ciliary muscle of the eye to continue to contract, and the curvature of the lens becomes larger. When looking at a distance, the ciliary muscle has not yet relaxed. down, and the convex lens cannot return to its normal state, resulting in blurred vision when looking at a distance, which is a pseudo-myopia. When the ciliary muscle relaxes and the convex lens returns to a normal state, pseudo-myopia will return to normal vision, so when pseudo-myopia occurs, use some eye protection methods to eliminate the disadvantage to the eyes Factors, let the ciliary muscle relax, pseudo-myopia can return to normal. Usually, you can do eye exercises, promote eye microcirculation, eliminate eye fatigue, perform distant vision, help the ciliary muscle relax, or participate in some extracurricular activities to help relieve eye fatigue, all of which can help restore vision. Second, true myopia cannot be recovered. If true myopia has already formed, it is generally difficult to recover. In general, true myopia, the structure of the eyeball has changed, the axial length of the eye has grown, and the convex lens cannot return to normal. Therefore, True myopia is difficult to restore to normal vision. The eye is short-sighted, the lens becomes convex, and the ability of the eye muscles to adjust the lens is also reduced, so it is not possible to adjust the focal length well, and it is impossible to see things at different distances clearly. And with the increase of myopia, when the development of high myopia, the structure of the eye is also changing. The axis of the eye will gradually become longer, causing the eyes to bulge outward, causing muscle tension, causing the eyes to be easily fatigued, and the lengthening of the eye axis will also cause the retina to thin, which is easy to cause vitreous liquefaction, retinal detachment and other eye diseases. Myopia is not easy to recover from age, but we can alleviate the development of myopia by wearing glasses and better protect the eyes.
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