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Can rgp glasses be worn to sleep? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-02
There are still many types of glasses, and there are also many styles of contact lenses. If you want to wear glasses with high aesthetics, then RGP glasses are also very worthy of everyone's choice. Many people are more entangled and don't know if RGP glasses are suitable for them. After all, the price of glasses is not low, and they need to be replaced every two years, so many people will come to consult. In particular, some people feel that such glasses are comfortable to wear. Can they not be taken off at night? First, determine your own lens style. Because there are two types of RGP glasses, one is the day-wear style. Simply put, they can be worn during the day, the same way as contact lenses. If you are using such day-wear glasses, it is recommended to take them off at night. No matter how comfortable you are, you should let your eyeballs have a rest process. It is also recommended that you do not wear it to sleep as much as possible, otherwise problems may have a great impact on us, so do not wear it while sleeping. If you choose the bag-shaped RGP glasses, they are actually the OK glasses we usually say, so they can be worn at night, so that you can wear them at night, and then take off the glasses directly during the day to restore normal vision, so wear The effect is also good. However, the price of OK mirrors is definitely more expensive, and the glasses can only be fitted if the degree of myopia does not exceed 600 degrees, so there are still many restrictions. Second, try to keep your eyes rested. Although we all want to wear RGP glasses for a long time, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to get glasses, and the time you wear each day and the time you want to replace the lenses, etc., also need to be carried out with the doctor Communicative. It is recommended that you should give your eyes a break. If you wear day glasses, then it is not recommended to wear them at night. Wearing them for 10 hours a day is not short. You should give your glasses a break at night.
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