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Can short-sighted be a flight attendant? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Nowadays, the development of the aviation industry is relatively rapid, and more excellent flight attendants will be needed to enter this industry, and there are also many beautiful women who have the dream of surfing the blue sky. There are naturally many beauties who are flight attendants, but the requirements of flight attendants are not low. Vision is one of the conditions. Can shortsighted be a flight attendant? First, myopia can be a flight attendant. Changes have also taken place in the requirements for visual acuity. The requirements for vision are not as strict as before, and the requirements for English are relatively high. The requirements for vision are that corrected vision or uncorrected distance vision should reach 0.5 or more, and the vision of any eye should not be lower than 0.1, that is to say, short-sightedness can be a flight attendant, and the binocular vision must be 0.5. above (C word table). Second, you can correct your vision through surgery. If you have had myopia surgery, three months after the surgery, you will fully meet the standard of distance vision, the vision and refraction are very stable, there is no eye discomfort, and there are no complications. These conditions If all are met, the visual acuity is also within the qualified range. Third, flight attendants have lower vision requirements and stricter English requirements. In fact, the current vision standards for flight attendants have been lowered, but they are relatively strict in English, and their English proficiency is equivalent to the national level 4 standard. Another requirement is the attitude of service, appearance and foreign trade. Age, physical health standards, height, etc. are the criteria for subdivision. The reduction in vision is also to allow more outstanding talents to join the aviation industry, and the development of the aviation industry also needs these outstanding talents. If the equipment is smart, the requirements for flight attendants are also changing, and vision is not The decisive factor, on the contrary, English level and service are more important. For short-sighted beauties, if other conditions are excellent, even if they are short-sighted, there is a good chance to be a flight attendant.
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