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Can ski goggles do myopia?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
One to the winter snow, a lot of friends like skiing is very happy. Take a ski equipment, feel the snowy world, it is very relaxed and happy. But looks like skiing in the sense that gives a person is not myopic crowd of the Gospel. Then myopia people especially high myopia, can not enjoy the joy of winter skiing! Small make up very happy tell you, now also can wear goggles myopic crowd. Currently on the market has started to appear this kind of ski goggles, is the inside ski mirror has a transparent small plastic frames without its leg. This frame can be removed, can also be card inside the ski goggles. The small transparent frames can be installed without its leg myopic lens. No matter how many degrees of myopia, the present processing technology can be made, the myopic lens as polished as we usually use the whole frame of the glasses, then install good lenses and frames for the card to ski goggles.
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