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Can teach you to wear glasses beautiful makeup

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Sister more and more with a pair of glasses, whether it's really myopic need, or as a fashion, or other needs, there is no denying that the sister of frames by more and more need and love. So you want to wear glasses can also beautiful makeup? Small make up to teach you, make you more beautiful. Four kinds of style, give you different feeling, different kind of beauty. Style 1: long frame + next eyelash strengthen arc eye shape, reduce frame oppressive feeling! Long frame has a sense of elegant innocent, after wearing fondly degrees explode! But the frame flat feeling, strong eye makeup can actually make eyes smaller, less wear next eyelash, use radiation fanlike eyelash to widen eye, strengthen the verve of strength! Tip: auxiliary tool along eyelash root stick to, but must use eyebrow clip to clip eyelash would be better get started. Style 2: double color box + grooming color orange cheek is red brush now slightly modified black rim of the eye orange cheek is red brush can polish the black rim of the eye shadow, face width seems to follow, even if the frame is color also is not afraid of expand feeling! Tip: control the brush with orange from black eyes expressionless delay edge black rim of the eye to eye end just below the brush back and forth. Style 3: deep blue box + light blush pink cheek reduce dark frame's dark dark green frames if lining coral orange cheek is red can let a face turned black, choose pink is tender point bright color of skin make a modelling lively up! Tip: pink cheek is red brush out look from the risorius first round brush, reoccupy residual powder brush back to the interstate bright the cheeks. Style 4: round frame + rose eyeliner look line, and came to look more gentle and lovely feminine round picture frame glasses always give a person the sense of sweet, if the liner extends beyond the eye end, let eye slender microstrip mei feeling, modelling is lovely and can reveal sexy woman flavour. Tips: 1, eyeliner to qi mei brown eyeliner is soft, between the eyebrow end, too long is too gorgeous. 2, brush the eyelash thick mascara can aggravate the roots thick, made invisible eyeliner make eye more deep.
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