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Can teens wear progressive glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
As progressive multifocal glasses enter our sight, more and more parents hope to equip their children with such lenses. After all, there are too many children with myopia, and the academic pressure is heavy. Many children have to change their glasses every two years, and their degrees are constantly increasing. The emergence of progressive multifocal glasses can indeed prevent and control myopia and increase the degree of prevention. Indeed, it is still very advantageous for teenagers to wear them. 1. What is the use of progressive multifocal glasses? Many people want to use progressive multifocal glasses. In fact, parents have already realized the role of prevention. This kind of lens is a combination of a near lens and a far lens. No matter what distance you see, there is no problem. It can also reduce the compensation and adjustment of the eyeball, so the effect of wearing this way is better, and the comfort is also very good. Yes, long-term wear will not feel very tired eyes. 2. Is it suitable for teenagers to wear? When people look at close objects, their eyes need to be adjusted first, and then converge. After all the movements are completed, the short-sighted people can see clearly some objects at close range. And if it is equipped with progressive multifocal glasses, the accommodation power to look at close objects will be much reduced. Therefore, when teenagers wear glasses, choosing such lenses can at least reduce eye movement and adjustment during daily homework and watching mobile phones, so it can still play a good protective effect. If you want to ensure good daily eye health, you need to choose better lenses with glasses, and pay attention to your own power and eye conditions. Teenagers need to read the blackboard and do homework daily, and their eyes always need to be adjusted daily, so if lenses can help us reduce the adjustment of the eyeballs, then it can still achieve a good protective effect. At least the eyes will not feel tired after long-term use, and the comfort of wearing glasses is also very good.
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