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Can the flat mirror be radiation-proof?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
Flat mirrors have no degree, and wearing flat mirrors seems to be more common in life. For the radiation protection of flat mirrors, many radiation protection people especially want to know, but in fact, only the real radiation protection glasses have a good radiation protection effect. It is generally difficult to guarantee the purchase of some irregular places. Let's take a look at the radiation protection of flat mirrors. Can flat mirrors be radiation-proof? The radiation protection of the flat mirror is mainly used to defend against some harmful radiation rays. The lens can reflect or absorb the radiation rays through special treatment, thereby playing the role of radiation protection. Blue lenses absorb infrared rays, yellow-green lenses absorb infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, and colorless lead lenses absorb X-rays and gamma rays. Anti-radiation lenses are added with some compound substances during processing, or the lenses are coated with bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal films, which can reflect radiation to have the effect of radiation protection. Although the anti-radiation of the flat mirror has the effect of anti-radiation, after wearing it, we cannot blindly rely on the anti-radiation glasses. It is more important to use the eyes reasonably and protect the eyes. Radiation protection of flat mirrors can protect eyes well in life, especially those who have been exposed to computer radiation for a long time and those who play computer games. For example, the computer goggles worn by some people in life are anti-radiation glasses with anti-radiation, anti-blue light, and anti-glare eye protection, which can better protect the eyes.
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