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Can UV-blocking sunglasses prevent cataracts? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
Most of the elderly in our country suffer from cataracts, and some young people also suffer from cataracts, and most of the cataracts are caused by the aging and turbidity of the lens in the eye. If the turbidity reaches a certain level, blurred vision will appear. In severe cases, the vision may be lost, which directly leads to the inability to take care of themselves in daily life. Therefore, effective prevention and treatment of cataracts and prevention of cataract deterioration are the performance of protecting eye safety, and everyone should pay attention to it. 1. The pathogenesis of cataract is more complicated. The pathogenesis of cataract is more complicated. It is related to factors such as nutritional deficiency, metabolism, environment, and genetics, which is caused by the long-term effects of various factors inside and outside the body on the lens. Long-term ultraviolet radiation, poor nutrition, or cardiovascular disease are directly related to the formation of cataracts. The incidence rate is relatively high in Tibet, where it has been exposed to ultraviolet rays for many years. Among the methods for the treatment of cataracts in the world, there are nearly 40 kinds of drug treatments, and there are many kinds of surgical treatments. Different drug properties have different treatment mechanisms. For example, some can assist nutritional crystals and resist oxidative damage. However, drug therapy is only effective for patients with mild cataracts, and has no relieving effect on lens opacity. Second, what are the treatment options for cataract. Therefore, many people with advanced cataract give up drug treatment and choose cataract surgery to prevent and treat eye inflammation and diseases that affect vision. However, surgery is risky after all, so if it is not a patient with malignant cataracts, it is better not to use surgery, so as not to affect the health of other tissue cells in the eye. Third, anti-ultraviolet sunglasses can prevent the formation of cataracts. Everyone knows that cataracts may be caused by long-term ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, wearing an anti-ultraviolet sunglasses can prevent the formation of cataracts, and can also prevent and treat cataracts, so as not to cause eye vision loss, etc. . At the same time, in addition to wearing anti-ultraviolet sunglasses, pay more attention to the loss of nutrients in life, and appropriately supplement some foods containing vitamins A, C, E and protein, which can effectively prevent and treat cataracts.
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