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Can wearing crystal lenses really protect the eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
Many people come to look for crystal lenses. Everyone always thinks that 'crystal' is very high-end, and many people think that it can raise eyes, so even if the price is high, you may still be willing to buy it. But there are still many types of lenses, and there will be many different spectacle lens materials, so can the crystal lenses that everyone say can protect our eyes? In fact, the answer is no. 1. What is a crystal lens? Everyone should know crystal well. It is a kind of quartz mine. Of course, many of the first glasses are made of crystal. But at that time it was not possible to make glass lenses or resin lenses, and crystal became the only material suitable for making lenses. 2. What's wrong with crystal lens? Introduction It has been scientifically proven that when light passes through the crystal, there will actually be double refraction, so there will be a certain amount of overlap. Moreover, the crystal does not protect against ultraviolet and infrared rays, so if you wear it under strong light, it will not be able to maintain our glasses. Of course, crystal also has advantages. It has strong hardness, so it is not easy to wear, but this also brings great difficulties to processing, so basically no manufacturers will produce crystal lenses. After all, the price is not high. , And it does not have a good effect on the eyes. Third, how to choose a good lens? Many friends who want to pass glasses want to know what type of lens is good, especially some children themselves are still in the growth and development stage, if the maintenance of the glasses can not be guaranteed, it may also cause some problems. In fact, everyone now uses mobile phones, computers, etc. anytime, anywhere, so the anti-blue lens is still better. If you can choose anti-ultraviolet, polarized lenses, etc., they are also very good. In fact, the quality of aspheric lenses is quite good now, as long as they are lenses of major brands, they are more eye-catching.
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