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Can you buy glasses that cost tens of yuan on Taobao? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-02
There are still many friends who realize that the price of online glasses is favorable. Everyone also knows that online platforms can indeed get products at very low prices, and the profit margins of physical stores are indeed very large, so many friends who want to save costs will also choose the Internet. glasses. However, there are many complete sets of glasses on Taobao that cost only a few dozen yuan, and the lower-end glasses in optical shops cost hundreds of yuan. Is such a price difference caused by huge profits, or is there really a problem with the quality of the glasses? Is the price of tens of dollars guaranteed? First, considering the specific cost situation, what kind of glasses can we buy? In fact, we need to consider the specific cost of glasses. For example, if the other party's quotation is 80 yuan, then the express fee is 5 yuan, the glasses case has a cost of 3 yuan, and even if the labor cost is only 10 yuan, then the glasses cost should be kept at least 50 yuan. Profits can only be made within the yuan. The quality of glasses and the cost are indeed related. Dozens of dollars must only have the quality of tens of dollars. Don't expect too much. Second, products with a price lower than the average market price may be fakes. It has to be said that there are many fakes, from lenses to frames, on such platforms, or even a mix of real and fake products. For example, the refractive index of imported lenses is 1.74, at least the market price is around 1,000 yuan, but there are many prices that are only tens of yuan, and the price difference is more than 100 times. I believe everyone knows the quality of them. For glasses below the market price, we must consider whether there are inferior products, imitations, etc., because the impact of inferior lenses on the eyes is too great. Third, determine whether the other party has relevant procedures. A truly high-quality optical shop, even if it is sold on the Internet, must be like the same, with very formal official procedures. All brand lenses and frames sold by the agency must have approval procedures, and must be authorized by the brand before they can be sold. Even if the glasses cost tens of yuan, they also need to be approved and tested by the relevant departments, so whether the other party has the corresponding procedures and whether it is a formal platform must be determined.
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