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Candy chang neighbour sister wear a fashion wind restoring ancient ways

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
'Girl' candy chang always refreshing, wear colored glasses, wear chromatic stripe long sweater of restoring ancient ways 'gardenia' girl is more charming, pure little sister next door of pure lovely ren who saw are tempted! It is no wonder that any director picked her at a glance! A 'return' to make her a gun and red, also become the new favorite of the entertainment industry, known as a 'seeks the girl'. Candy chang, the girl from jiangxi to a different kind of pure and fresh style next door firmly established gradually in the show business. To say fresh art, I'm afraid it is difficult to someone like hui Vivian classmates! A chromatic stripe long sweater and a pair of sunglasses more lining colour her whole person more pure and lovely. Hui Vivian students choose this one dress is simple and easy and do not break simple and lovely, restoring ancient ways of chromatic stripe long gown she had good to harness is ripe, light color with a sweet smile, like a little sister next door pretty standing in front of you, how can not let people charmed in her temperament. Pink flat shoes more let her faded a secular and worldly, as if not wet behind the little sister, let a person love and affection. And such a comfortable home outfit with color sunglasses with ling, hand bag, and adds a retro fashion sense. Sunny afternoon, such a suit dress up out of the street, turns head must be absolutely! Wind restoring ancient ways is the long sweater, sprout girls will wear a large size. Hui Vivian classmates put on it a large long sweater appear whole person more lovely, color restoring ancient ways is long sweater while refreshing, but it is not just can wear out oh, a few small deserve to act the role of all to jump out of the little girl spells of soil. Put on sunglasses, take the bright ling, hand bag, small soil girl instantly become fashionable little younger sister! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn recommended fashion sunglasses: sunglasses factory S9201 sunglasses C01 gold frame/lens basket color film
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