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Candy color children's sunglasses are not suitable for children

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Summer sunshine dazzling, sunglasses, even three or four years old children also put on the sunglasses, and in the majority with candy color such as pink, blue, green. Ophthalmologists remind parents, however, candy color is not suitable for children, children's sunglasses good choose dark brown, dark green, such as traditional color, otherwise may affect vision development.

Beijing tongren hospital optometry and glasses center technical director Tang Ping, points out that children, especially young children's eyesight is not mature, if you choose the wrong sunglasses, could harm their vision health. Pink, yellow lens sunglasses, there may be adverse effects on children's vision. Radian is too big, style is exaggerated sunglass, may also have influence, visual content, depending on the cause of deformation, fatigue, and even visual impairment.

Tang Ping suggested that his sunglasses to choose and buy has the national quality certification marks of products. Two or three years old children is no need to wear sunglasses, because after wearing sunglasses dark light have a bad effect on children's visual development. Children can choose a sun hat, umbrella, etc. To keep out sunshine.
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