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Candy liu of the relaxed and natural sunglasses street photos

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Candy liu the new idol, with 'wing chun' small steamed bun is familiar, in the corner of her exit is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a pair of sunglasses block surface, blessed are the natural shape, chao fan! Dressed in a gray short sleeve blouse, wearing a han edition grey hat, tie-in color backpack, the rack to restore ancient ways round frame sunglasses, overall modelling relaxed and natural, tidal rocks. Sailing hotel, candy liu to dubai khalifa, sheikh, DE mosques, and other famous scenic spots as the background of street photos, perfectly deduced summer fashion elements. Type in the photo, whether short skirt collocation sunglasses, still possesses the Muslim dress up of local culture, candy liu are sunglasses welded, fashionable collocation, decent, look halfback personality, unique taste. In 2006, 'wing chun' as small steamed bun, 'sunshine angel' who played in 2009 daughter miss Angela. In March 2014 in the 'the tao of love, play, xiao-tong lu Lin Ting month. In November 2014 and Louis koo team up to make a romantic love movie 'holiday in Paris.
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